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flubba 19/07/2006 17h52

Undumped european games?
Would be good with some info on the undumped european games if you need any carts. Mostly wondering about Legend of Zelda as I have it on cartridge but never found it as a rom.
I hope someone understands english here or else I just look like a fool :p

night 22/07/2006 17h07

The Pal Version of Legend of Zelda is Dumped. But it wasn't dumped by the famous dump grous (efnes, enes, fefea) . If you send an e-mail i can send the roms for you.

joao_francisco At Gmx.net

flubba 13/08/2006 11h14

Anybody else that got the rom or can dump the cart for me?

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