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BigFred 31/07/2006 11h24

Where to send carts for contribution?
I'd really like to contribute but my question wasn't answered yet :( I'd love to get my Mega Man 3 cart to be dumped which contains the earlier version of the PRG-rom.

I also have the following carts that might be of interest

-Legend of Zelda 2 Adventures of Link revision "B" (dumped but needs confirmation)
-Soccer revision "A"

Where can I send these games please? Thank you!

administrator 06/08/2006 13h32

Hello BigFred,

I checked all my carts, i found some "A" rev.

Home Alone 2 - Lost In New York NES-HM-FRA (01A)
Mega Man 3 NES-XU-FRA (00A)
Pinball NES-PN-NOE (07A)
Soccer (Classic Series) NES-SC-FRA-1 (07A)
Zelda, The Legend Of (Classic Series) NES-ZL-FRA-1 (11A)

no problem for sending carts, where do you live, USA ?

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