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Hello and congratulations for the new project!

PoP wasn't verified yet however it was dumped my merp who is a reliable bigplayer in the scene. Still good to have the confirmation. I'll start a list with confirmed dumps.

About the revision: As far as I know there is no difference between PAL-A and PAL-B. Instead I'd like to know the real revision of the cart - you find it on the backlabel of the cart. There is a number stamped in it - visible in the light. Like "11" "13A" etc. If it is 2-digit it is a version 1.0 so to say. A means 1.1 etc. However the system is not 100% clear for the NES. In most cases A, B etc. mean an updated gamerom - be it CHR or PRG. In few cases it has to do with different chips on the cart resulting in a newer cart-revision with the same rom-dump. Means: If you have a cart with and without an A there is a good chance you get different dumps. If both are 2-digit or both are A they are the same romdump for sure.

I would like to have a confirmed case of USA and PAL-dumps to be the same. Somehow I have problems believing this is possible.

Another french cart that might need a dump not listed on ENES homepage: Kirby - the dump comes from the canadian NTSC version. The french one may be different.
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